Create An Indoor Jungle Without A Green Thumb

My home is filled with plants, large and small, I'm obsessed with them. Plants easily create this lush, effortless cool vibe and transform a space into a cozy outdoorsy inviting place that makes you never want to leave. A friend of mine was over for coffee recently and mentioned that although she LOVED the plants in my house she would never be able to keep plants alive in her home. Because I'm good friends with her, I know she's right. Instead of making her feel bad I reminded her that she doesn't have to be a green thumb to enjoy plants in her home, because there are SO many gorgeous artificial options nowadays. We quickly pulled up Pinterest for inspiration and then started shopping around. 

Below are our picks we deemed the creme de la creme of artificial house plants to enliven any space. As always, click photos for details.

How about you...are you a house plant person, a green thumb, or a plant killer?

Top 5 Classic Suspenseful Movies For A Night In

When your in nursing school your time is stretched extremely thin and you often feel like you don't have time for anything except to eat, shower and sleep, which is mostly true, but once a week I make it a point to sit down uninterrupted and watch a movie. I'm a HUGE classic movie fan thanks to my Grandpa, so my pick is usually older than me. 

I also loveeeee suspenseful movies! 

Below are my top 5 classic suspenseful movies for a night in, some I'm sure you've heard of, others maybe not? 

I won't go into the lengthy synopsis of each film below so be sure to click photos and links below to read about them.

Alfred Hitchcock is my hands down FAVORITE director. I'm obsessed with and own all of his films. Psycho and Rear Window are two of my favorites of his.

The Bad Seed is a film I discovered with my Mom. We both instantly fell in love with it. It's suspenseful and creepy and just plain rad. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you do.

Ahhhh The Burbs. I grew up watching this and it's a classic! It's suspenseful and hilarious, and who doesn't love Tom Hanks?

Lastly Jaws. Total cult classic. Iconic music score. And when you grew up five minutes from a beach in every direction this film really sticks with you! I was lucky enough to see it on the big screen last year and it was unforgettable. 

Your turn: What are some of your favorite films? Favorite genre? 
Can't wait to hear some of your recommendations!