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Color me colorful

If there's one thing you learn about yourself, and your style as you become an adult, it's this - patterns. You begin seeing patterns in your closet. No, I don't mean patterns, as in, that pretty floral dress or sassy ikat skirt, I mean patterns of similar pieces, colors, and silhouettes. For me it's neutrals and streamlined modern cuts. I have the best intentions when I enter a store to push myself out of my comfort zone and choose only color and patterned pieces, but unfortunately, even with an armload of potential color saturated beauties, I leave the dressing room with none. Yup that's right, none. Not because the fit wasn't right but because I'm afraid of commitment. There. I said it! Man that feels good.

It comes down to this little routine - while eyeing myself in the mirror I drill myself about the practicality, usefulness, or just plain kick-ass-ness of the piece, and how well I'll be able to integrate it into my exiting wardrobe. Nine times out of ten I bolt. It's just easier to stick with the tried and true, you know? Well yesterday I ordered two pieces with color (insert gasping sound here)! I know I know what a rebel right? Ha ha. All kidding aside, I'm determined to slowly incorporate more color into my closet. And since I'm making a cyber declaration about it, I'm hoping I'll stick to it. Because if I don't I'll look like a neutral colored pansy. And nobody likes one of those.