I've forgotten how exhausting moving is. 

Although since I'm keeping my house and moving into my fiances I'm able to take it slower which I'm really happy about! 

Obviously I started with my clothes (gotta have clothes right?!) and then moved onto the other essentials. As much as moving is a big pain in the butt, it's forced me to REALLY clean through my closet since I didn't want to bring clothes over I don't love and wear.

I started searching the web for ideas to sort and organize my wardrobe and stumbled upon this brilliant tool by Caroline of Caroline Joy Photography who started the blog Unfancy. It's how to create a capsule wardrobe -  you can read about the details here. It really is a brilliant tool to help streamline your wardrobe into something you love and wear everyday and rid your closet of pieces you continually pull out and ponder..."should I get rid of this? I never wear I might....(stuffs back into dresser)"
Guilty. So guilty of doing that countless times. And do I wear it? NO.

The tool is really simple and you just print out templates, fill them in, and start cleaning through your wardrobe deciding what to keep and what goes. Easy peasy. 

I'm still working on my capsule wardrobe but will keep you updated with my progress and final choices with photos at the end!


Incorporating pops of color in my outfits is becoming more and more common for me and I love it and am not sure why I wasn't doing it more. I have a lot of neutral colors in my closet so buying bright stand out pieces is a fun way to mix things up and add color. And since it's still grey and cloudy here in Washington state I'm wearing my Hunter boots religously :)

Scarf - Old Navy  //  Jacket - Charlotte Russe  //  Stripe top - Forever21  //  Jeans - AmericanEagle  //  Boots - Hunter boots 

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