Baron Wells - Cannes Shoot

(images/clothes via Baron Wells)

Thank you Baron Wells for fueling my longing to visit France.

I Heart Vivienne Westwood

Some things are so pretty, they don't need any explanation.

BURBERRY PRORSUM - Resort - Cruise 2011

Lots of eye candy. I have a love affair with Prorsum. In my eyes, they can do no wrong. I would rock every single outfit above, and I can't say that about very many labels.

The Couture Manicure by Yves Saint Laurent

From YSL Beauté ’s collection coming in August via Vogue France. The collection will feature a series of nail polishes that will be sold in duo’s. The idea is to create an edgy french manicure with striking color combinations: Belle de Jour( Turquoise & Purple), Rive Gauche ( Orange & Fushia), Belle de Nuit( Plum& Gold) and Y-Cone ( Pink & White). I adore the orange & fushia!

Fiona Paxton Statement Lyon Necklace!

Such a beauty. This statement necklace is one of the most amazing pieces I have EVER seen. The fierceness, sexiness, and neutral colors, make for one stunning and versatile gem. Love love love. See more images here.

LUCKY: Nautical-Inspired Dress for Just $20!

Right now on you can get an exclusive code and score this little nautical beauty of a dress for $20! Such a amazing deal!

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'Eat Less' Urban Outfitters T-Shirt

I had to take a second look. Alas, it was true, and this isn't the first time Urban Outfitters has engaged in controversial activities. I find the "Eat Less" V-Neck Tee seriously offensive and not a topic to joke about or take lightly. With a clientele demographic of mostly young adult females, they are blatantly telling them to starve themselves. While I realize a large percentage of Americans are obese or overweight, I also realize and am empathetic to the large percentage of young impressionable, self conscious young women who look up to and adore Urban Outfitters.

This behavior is disrespectful to all women regardless. It's indecent, rude, and just plain uncalled for.

Below is a snapshot of their BDG Burnout Henley Tee(no longer available as of Monday), which gives you a color selection of White/Charcoal...and Obama/Black. So wrong and tacky.

What do you think? If you have thoughts you'd like to share with Urban Outfitters shoot them an email here: