Pretty Pretty Princess

All necklaces from Charlotte Russe

Remember that game(Pretty Pretty Princess)? - I LOVED that game when I was little. Growing up, I was one of five girls so that game saw LOTS of play time in our house. We played until the rings got stuck on our fingers and we couldn't get them off without elbow grease and literal grease. Apparently, thirteen years old is too old to play that game. Luckily for us older-than-thirteen girls we get to play dress-up any ole time we want, mostly without fear of rings getting stuck and cutting off our circulation. Mostly.

Above are some new pretty necklaces I bought the other day. I went to a skills test/interview today so I didn't photograph my outfit as I looked like a penguin, and we all know what a penguin looks like, so I figured I'd share these instead, they're much prettier and fun!

I have a duplicate of the first necklace to giveaway soon(insert me cheering). Maybe you've noticed - I really love giveaways - I'm a huge fan of sharing and blessing other people, it's really what life's about. The sharing/blessing part, not the hosting giveaways part. =D

On that note, remember to enter the Sparkle Pave Stud Earring Giveaway(Ends March 9)!

Hope your day is lovely!


Red Jeans Plaid

Scarf (similar), Trench, Button Up Shirt(similar) Vintage Mulberry Bag, Jeans(similar), Shoes

BRRR. It's terribly cold and windy here - it's supposed to snow again I'm told. We'll see, it definitely feels like it could any minute! I had to rush out this early this morning so I threw on a cozy plaid button up I found at Target for $8 (score!) and my new trench. I love this trench! The fit is perfect and the contrast piping is fun! It's reminiscent of this trench from Kate Spade, which I love. I'm a HUGE Kate Spade fan. Huge.

On a random note, because I adore random:
I'm loving this dress, I can't stop singing and dancing around my house to this song(powerful), and can't wait until this hits newsstands!

Hope your Tuesday's playing nice!


Currently Obsessed: Pantone Scarf

Lena(bestie in NYC) this is for you.

Pantone + Scarf = The best accessory I've seen all year. So cool.


Raspberry Prep

Blazer(similar), Cardigan(similar), Skirt, Wedge Rubber Boots(similar), Bag(same bag different color)

I was so glad to see the sun yesterday, even though it was short lived. Sunny isn't always the best condition to take outfit photos though. I find it washes photos out and makes it hard to see details. Overcast is ideal. But I have a life - a busy one, so I have to take photos when I can.

I love this high/low hem skirt! The raspberry color is so pretty! It will definitely be getting a lot of wear in my wardrobe this spring and summer. I'm thinking I'll wear it into fall too with some tights. Love versatile pieces. I'm getting pickier about what I add to my wardrobe. Versatility is virtually a REQUIREMENT for me now when I purchase new pieces. It saves money and makes the mixing/re-mixing process more creative and enjoyable. 

Happy Weekend! Enjoy enjoy enjoy! :)


Cobalt Red Thread

Hat(similar), Necklace, Trench(similar), Shirt(similar), Jeans, Shoes

Random, but have you ever double ordered anything? Placed two identical orders?

The story. 

While perusing Charlotte Russe's website I found some lovely goodies and decided to place an order. I was half paying attention(multitasking?) when I placed the order. The next day while checking my email I realized I never received the email confirmation regarding the order. Checked my bank online - no charge from them. Convinced I somehow must have not hit the "Place Order" button correctly(silly me), I revisited the site and placed a second order. Ok, same order with maybe a couple extra things(shopping problem possibly?), but just a couple. 

Charlotte Russe package arrives yesterday with my first order. I knew it was the first order since the "extra things" were missing. Seriously? Who does this? Apparently ME. Good grief. 

The good news is I've decided to keep the second order as giveaway goodies for all you lovely girls so I guess it's a win-win honest mistake. Or maybe I'm just trying to talk myself out of acting a fool. HA. 


Sparkle Pave Stud Earring Giveaway

Pretty studs are an accessory staple that every girl should have! Timeless, ladylike and just plain cool. Inject some sparkle in your life and enter to win these lovelies below!

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Bright Baubles + a winner!

All the gray weather and rain has me daydreaming of color! Specifically bright colors! With all the pastels and muted colors swirling about, injecting color through jewelry is a brilliant way to add a pop of color and fun to any outfit. Recently I've been crushing on the gorgeous baubles at Pree Brulee. They have a such an amazing selection of unique and beautiful pieces - I want everything.

In other news....the winner of the Baggu Leather Pouch/Clutch is.....
(insert drum roll)
erica marie

Congratulations girl! 
You're going to LOVE it, it's gorgeous and functional - I'm crazy about mine!

Thanks to everyone who entered!

**Check back later today a new giveaway for some super pretty sparkly studs(remember this post?) will go live. So excited!


Spare Stripes

Hat(similar), Jacket, Thrifted Shirt(similar), Sweater, Bag, Jeans(similar), Brogues(similar)

Been super busy - lots of things to take care of, in addition to the usual everyday busyness, so today's post is heavy on images. I love images. I can browse Pinterest and Tumblr for hours(I believe there's a term for it - addict?).

I would however like to say how much I LOVED seeing baseball hats crop up everywhere at NYFW(see this post). I love mine! They're super easy peasy and classic, plus it camouflages bad hair days(see above). HA.

Happy Monday! =D


Karen Walker Number One Look Alikes

For those who love Karen Walker's Number One sunglasses(like me), but are on a budget(also like me!) and can't dole out $200 for a pair of sunglasses, look no further than tobi. Aren't they lovely? I'm crazy about their modern shape. They are practically spitting images of Karen's originals, and for $10 you really can't go wrong! I ordered both colors and can't wait to get them!

Happy Weekend! Hope it's wonderful! It's pouring down rain here, and I'm hunkered down, still in slippers, sipping green peach tea and reading - love days like this.


Dot on Dot Blues

Hat(similar), Blouse, Jacket(similar), Scarf(similar), Jeans(similar), Wedges(similar), Bag

The weather couldn't decide what it wanted to do today. It rained, then was sunny, and then clouded over. I headed out in the sun after it had stopped raining in my wedge sandals. Appropriate attire? Maybe not, but I haven't worn them since last summer and I was missing them. Keeping with the color jean trend, these are another pair of colored jeans I grabbed at Target on clearance for $6. I la la LOVE the cobalt blue color! I wanted the red pair too, but they were out of my size. If you're considering buying these read the reviews online - the rumors are true, someone fell asleep at the sizing machine and produced them all 3 sizes too small. HA. But in all seriousness they run SMALL. Don't buy them until you try them on.

Also, this jacket is currently at Target too and I recommend buying it NOW before it's gone. It's this amazing blush color, SO buttery soft and fits like a dream! I've worn it everyday since I bought it. That's three days. But still. I'll post an in depth review with more photos and information about it soon for those curious.

Oh and that's my dog Duke. He's a Bernese Mountain Dog. Four years old. Big teddy bear. LOVE him.


Green Moto Leopard Mulberry

Yesterday was great fun! I was able to catch up on some shopping - the fun kind AND the not so fun domestic kind. While shopping I ran into a friend of mine I hadn't seen in a while and we were able to do a little catching up, it was really nice to see and squeeze her. On today's agenda - cleaning and organizing my room. Oh boy. I'll let you know how it goes. :)