Scents Of The Season

There's something about the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree that's intoxicating. It stirs memories of childhood holidays and creates nostalgic warm and fuzzy feelings, I just love it so much, it's magical! I've always been a big candle lover - I burn them year round, but I especially love autumn and holiday scented candles.

I've handpicked a festive assortment of my favorite holiday scented candles, sure to get you in the Christmas-y spirit and add a little warmth and sparkle to any room in your home.

Here's to a lovely (and warm) week!


Here's a fun little news flash for some of you who may not know.

My Instagram is shoppable!

Not just shoppable, but EASILY shoppable.

Now you're wondering, how does it work exactly?

 Well here's the scoop -

1 -Visit 
2 - Click on Sign up/Log in
3 - Enter your email address

That's it! Told ya. Super easy!

Once you're signed up, whenever you "like" one of my Instagram photos you'll get an email with photos and product links to easily shop.

I personally use it and love it. Let me know what you think about it - love it? hate it? why? I wanna know!


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The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been crispy cold lately so this past weekend I pulled all of my cold weather gear out of my closet. I don't know about you, but I looooooove organizing and sorting through my closet. It helps me take inventory and see what I already have and what  pieces I need to buy or replace. Currently I have one nice, no-fail, warm coat for Autumn and Winter, but I'm in desperate need of another!

I own JCrew's Downtown Field Jacket (#1 above) and really love it but it's not the warmest coat - I'd say it's more of an Autumn layering jacket and not really made for Winter. I really love JCrew's Chateau Parka coat (#2) and am thinking that's the winner of the bunch for me - it's gorgeous, comes in TONS of colors and looks like it's really warm. Heck, I really love them all! It's going to be a hard decision, HA :)

What do you guys think? Do you have a coat you LOVE?
I'd love to hear your suggestions!

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