JCrew Metallic Triangle Sweatshirt DIY

While browsing through JCrew's last style-guide catalog I instantly fell in love with their "Vintage Sweatshirt in Metallic Triangles". Not wanting to pay full price since it was Christmastime and I was trying to save some money I decided it wouldn't be that difficult of a DIY project, especially since my fiance gifted me a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas(thanks love!).

The project took 1 hour from beginning to end.

My bestie and I, (her mostly) set out to find similar grey sweatshirts to practice with.
She scored two grey shirts at Target on sale, and they're a thick sweatshirt-like material, but really any shirt fabric would work.

The paint we used was the Martha Stewart craft paint from Michaels.

I made this triangle pattern in the Silhouette program then printed it on my Cameo on freezer paper.

Next we put the freezer paper down on the shirts WAX SIDE DOWN(very important) so the paper would adhere to the fabric like a stencil. 

Turn your iron on high and press the wax paper firmly until it looks like there are no edges lifting.

Let your shirt cool for a minute then paint, paint, paint!

We peeled the paper off while the paint was still dry and it worked like a charm!

Hope you make one of your own! If you do comment with the link to yours, we'd LOVE to see it!


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  1. Clever girl! What is this Cameo thing you mentioned?

    1. Thanks :) Isn't it cool?!
      It's a cutting machine that cuts, freezer paper, vinyl, fabric, etc. So up your alley! There are tons of tutorials for what it does online you should check them out!