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Sunday, February 16, 2014

When What You're Up To Is Not A Lot

I haven't been this sick in years! Seriously I think it's been 3 years. I have been sick as a dog all week with bronchitis, so I've been mostly living in my bed with only quick trips for the necessities. Today's the first day I'm starting to feel alive and human again thank God and the suns out! So I'm super stoked about that. I watched much of fashion week on my laptop in bed, did some online shopping and a little work, but that was the extent of my productivity. Oh well.

This adorable furry guy is a great companion when you're sick.

Yes this was part of my breakfast yesterday. Although I did have toast and fruit too. 

Lastly, I got these beauties in the mail yesterday and I'm so happy with them! Obviously because I'm a sickie I have yet to actually wear them out and about but you bet when the delivery guy showed up I sprinted to the door and put them on and walked all around my house in them! Yes, with my pajama bottoms on. HA! :) 
I'm really wanting the red color as well so I'm hoping Sole Society will restock them in my size (8 if you're reading this) soon.

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend and are NOT sick :)

Don't forget to enter to win the Super Diva necklace here!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hearts, Leopard & A Boutique aMuse Giveaway!

Valentines Day is just days away so naturally I'm feeling in the spirit. And by spirit I mean eating lots of valentine chocolate, wearing lots of red and breaking out my glitter and red construction paper. Who's with me? Homemade construction paper valentines? They're seriously the BEST. Cannot be beat. I know it's a holiday that's not for everyone, but I love it, always have. To make my Valentines Day sparkle a little more, I was gifted this gorgeous necklace by Boutique aMuse and I couldn't love it more! It's a rose gold color with lots of bling and it's so easy to dress it up or down. This necklace is gorgeous and incredibly versatile; it mixes and matches with tons of outfits! I wore it the other day with a tee and jeans and received so many compliments, it's really SO stunning!

Here's another close PRETTY.

I'm so thrilled to have partnered with Boutique aMuse to host a giveaway to gift one of you this same beauty! 

And because Boutique aMuse is so kind they've offered Kaizen Fashion readers 20% off your purchase! Enter "Heather2" at checkout. Offer ends March 31, 2014.

A couple little details:
1 //  Giveaway is worldwide so everyone may enter! (woot woot)
2  //  Winner will receive the same necklace I received shown above
3  //  Ends March 5, 2014 at midnight 

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Little Valentines Day Giveaway

Roses are red, 
violets are blue,
 a little valentines giveaway cause I'm thankful for you!

Before we get to the giveaway can I just say how much I LOVE fresh flowers! Seriously they're the best. This GORGEOUS bouquet was delivered to my office yesterday by the sweetest most thoughtful boy. He's a major overachiever :) An early Valentines gift to me!

And speaking of gifts I'd like to gift one of you some gorgeous little goodies to sweeten your Valentines Day!!

While out and about last week I stumbled on some pretty great little pretties that I just couldn't resist scooping up to included in a Valentines Day giveaway for you girls!

Let's talk about what's included shall we?

  • A super pretty chevron and glitter red heart gift bag
  • A leopard print scarf because every girl needs one
  • The cutest heart tissue paper
  • Heart measuring spoons
  • Red glitter candle
  • Straws with hearts
  • Essie nail polish in Watermelon
  • Essie nail polish in Mod Square

To enter simply use the rafflecopter form below. Open to US residents only.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's Very Black And White

Vest - Target  //  Shirt - Forever21 (similar)  //  Jeans - American Eagle (similar)  //  Rain boots - Hunter boots  //  Bag - Gifted  //  Coffee mug - Starbucks Alice & Olivia  //  Leopard Print Watch - c/o Feral Watches  // Crystal Dahlia Bracelet - c/o Urban Peach Boutique

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Monday, February 3, 2014


I'm so honored and flattered to have been nominated for a Liebster Award by the incredibly lovely and generous Mrs. Jaclyn Leblanc! A Liebster Award is an award given by a fellow blogger to a group of other bloggers who may have a smaller following but tons of potential for growth! Woo hoo! Thank you Jaclyn!

Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
Answer the 11 questions asked
Nominate 11 others bloggers with a smaller following but lots of potential 
Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer
Notify your nominees

The Liebster Award is a fun way to discover new bloggers and learn more about your favorites. Here's my answers!

1. What's your go-to outfit? Hands down a favorite pair of jeans, a simple tee, flats and a hat (baseball, cloche, I like to mix it up!)

2. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Night owl. I stay up blogging, watching old black & white films and/or reading almost every night. It probably doesn't help that I drink coffee and tea in the evening ;)

3. Who is your favorite designer/brand and why? This is a tough question! I'm going to settle with Michael Kors for the simple fact that he creates beautiful pieces that are polished, timeless, effortless, and iconic.

4. If you could live anywhere, where would you go? I love where I live now in the Pacific Northwest, I'm 5 minutes from a beach in every direction and it's very scenic, but the weather is suspect 8 months of the year, so I would'nt mind living in Hawaii or Mexico during the cold months here ;)

5. Heels or flats? I prefer flats because I can run around in them, and they don't hurt my feet like heels do after wearing them for a while. I like mid-height heels, but flats are my favorite.

6. What's your favorite hobby (besides blogging!)? Sleeping in.

7. What's your signature scent? Jessica Simpson's "Fancy Love". It smells AMAZING.  

8. How would you describe your personal style? This question always makes gets me flustered haha. I want give a simple answer but I feel like such a style chameleon it's difficult to! What I wear really reflects my mood. If I'm feeling laid back I wear jeans, and some flats or kicks and a tee. If I'm feeling girly and fancy I wear sequins and heels. It really hinges on my mood :)

9. Tell us the best restaurant you've ever been to! Nothing stands out specifically, although this little Mexican joint on the water in California had amazing food and service so I'm going to say there even though I don't remember the name, HA.

10. How long have you been blogging? Roughly 3 years.

11. What is the last concert you went to? A local concert by the water and it was super FUN!

A Darling Dream
Polished & Pink
Coastal Closet
Jaclyn Day
The Native
Rachel Sayumi
Life of Madeline
The Glittering Life
The Bobbed Brunette
Applewood Road

1.  Favorite nail polish color?
2.  Do you prefer a night in or out?
3. If you could be editor at any fashion magazine in the world which one would you choose?
4. Favorite film of last year?
5. Item in your closet you have on heavy rotation?
6. What's one worldwide cause you're most passionate about?
7. What were the last pair of shoes you bought?
8. If you could speak any language what would it be and why?
9. You're gifted a plane ticket on a flight that leaves tonight. Where will you go?
10. Coffe, tea, both?
11. Complete the sentence, "If I were given the choice to choose one piece of clothing, accessory, or pair of shoes without having to foot the bill I would choose _______"

So excited to read your answers!!

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Red Apple Lipstick is the best lipstick

Real quick! The winners of  last weeks giveaways are.....
Starbucks Tutu Mug Giveaway ........Cynthia G!


Now let's talk lipstick.

Top - Reddy Or Not
Bottom - Petal Pusher

All photo are untouched ( taken in natural light and not retouched) as to provide an accurate representation of the colors, and each photo is ONE COAT.

I'd like to begin this post by saying when it comes to beauty products I'm not easily impressed. Not in the slightest. I'm a tough customer, HA.

 I recently had the opportunity to try two lipsticks from a beauty company I had never heard of before, Red Apple Lipstick, being the curious girl that I am, I jumped at the chance! Not because I'm a beauty junkie(quite the opposite actually, but because of their claims).
 Specifically, Red Apple claims to produce very high quality products without all the harsh ingredients other cosmetic companies use. That peaked my interest more than anything! 

Before I we get to the review, let's just think about how HUGE the beauty industry is. How many companies and products there are worldwide. TONS. I feel like it's an almost incomprehensible number.
 It's really hard to fathom just how many there are. I can't keep up and really have no desire to. This girl finds products that work and I stick with them (Why fix what's not broken? Right?) Also, I'm not much of a makeup girl to begin with. A dab will do ya is my motto. I like to look like me, not an enhanced painted flamboyant version of me. I like the fresh faced 'girl next door' look. 

The two lipsticks I chose were a pink and a red. Petal Pusher is the pink. Reddy Or Not is the red.
From the first swipe I was in LOVE. This lipstick feels amazing on your lips - really hydrating. It's mineral based so the first coat is pretty sheer but you can adjust how saturated you want it by adding coats.
All of their products are paraben, gluten, soy, lead, and cruelty FREE. I'm amazed by that because of how fabulous they are! I half expected them to not feel good on my lips or taste or smell weird. Nope. None of that. This girl is SOLD. And I LOVE supporting companies that are environmentally conscious and MADE IN THE USA. Did I mention they also have a 100% money back guarantee so if you don't love what you buy just return it. 
I see lots of new lipsticks in my future HAHA. 
If you buy and try their products I'd love for you to share! Or if you've already tried Red Apple I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I can't say enough about how amazing this lipstick is so just go buy a tube (or 5!) for yourself or buy it as a gift for your girlfriend, sister, cousin, mother.....then let me know what you think! 

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Fresh Brewed Tees Giveaway! Win a RAD tee of your choice!

First of all......GO SEAHAWKS!

I'm a pacific northwest girl, so the Seahawks are MY TEAM! Superbowl bound team that is! Woot woot!
And this girl is so PUMPED!

In honor of the hawks making it to the Superbowl and the generosity of Tony Madalone whom I'll introduce below, I'm hosting a giveaway for a shirt of the winners choice from Fresh Brewed Tees!

While browsing Instagram the other day I stumbled on the feed of Mr Tony Madalone, the founder of the Cleveland based apparel company Fresh Brewed Tees which carries player themed professional sports apparel. I instantly fell in love with so many of the shirts highlighted on his feed. I especially love the '12 > 49', so much so I purchased it on the spot. I can't wait to wear it! 

Fresh Brewed carries so many cool and unique designs, you must check them out. Buy something for yourself or gift something to the sports lover in your life. In addition to tees, they also carry hats, hoodies, and tanks; something for everybody.  
Learn more about Tony and Fresh Brewed Tees here.


What's just as cool as Fresh Brewed Tees? Tony offering to giveaway a tee to one lucky person!

Visit Fresh Brewed Tees, then enter to WIN below!

Seattle 12 > 49 Playoff T-Shirt

Don't You Ever Talk About Me!

Percy & Marshawn & Richard & Russell Seahawks T-shirt

Russell Wilson Signature T-shirt

206 Seattle Area Code

Displaying photo.JPG

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

$50 Giftcard Giveaway to Sparrow!

You know what I love? Stumbling upon a new online shop I love! Seriously, it's one of my most favorite things to happen when I'm online. 
Let me give you a visual; I'm sitting with laptop in hand browsing the crazy-tangled-endless-vortex that is THE INTERNET, when I find this little gem of a site and when I do, my heart does this little happy dance that matches the big smile gracing my face at that exact same moment. 
(insert cheering)
Yes, THAT'S what I love!

This exact scenario happened to me the other day when I found the AMAZING-NESS that is Sparrow.

Needless to say, my afternoon was spent perusing all the gorgeous merchandise and daydreaming about how I'd style each piece.

Below are standout pieces that are total MUST-HAVES: (in no particular order of course)

Don't even get me started on this jacket. I could create a whole blog post dedicated to this jacket. Just go buy it already and thank me later.

This is a perfect everyday polished bag. The shape is timeless and the texture, gorgeous.

I love gold, and I love dainty jewelry, so this made sense. A perfect pairing.
I love the hammered texture and the knot is unexpected yet beautiful! The set also comes in silver.

To celebrate my stumbling on such a fabulous shop to share with you girls, and the owner Kristi being such a sweetheart, we've partnered to host a giveaway for a $50 gift card to spend at!

Can't wait to hear what you'd choose if you win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

______Don't forget to enter my other FABULOUS giveaways!____
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shine Bright Like A Diamond - Neesess Dresses Giveaway!

It's probably not a surprise to those of you that have been following my blog for a while that I love,  love, LOVE sequin! Gold is my absolute favorite, but really any color is fabulous, it's just so gorgeous and FUN, don't you agree? (if you don't, just smile and nod, smile and nod) HA.

I recently found this gem of a sweater and instantly fell head-over-heels.
Gold + Sequin + Sweater = LOVE.

I especially love this sweater since I live in the Pacific Northwest and our weather is pretty grey and chilly most of the time, but this sweater totally brightens the day and my mood too! SCORE!

Speaking of brightening days......
The super lovely owner of Neesees Dresses has so generously offered to host a giveaway for you lucky girls for a $50 gift certificate to Neesees Dresses to spend it however your heart desires! 
How cool is that?! 
Majorly cool in fact.
I'm so so happy and grateful!

Giveaway details are at the end of this post - hurry and enter and GOOD LUCK girls!

Downtown Field Jacket - JCREW //  Sequin Sweater - c/o Neesees Dresses //  White ripped jeans - American Eagle AE //  Crystal Dahlia Bracelet - c/o Urban Peach Boutique // Crystal Venus FlyTrap Necklace - JCREW //  Ankle-Strap heels - LuLus //  White studded hobo purse - c/o (personal gift)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to enter my current FABULOUS giveaways!

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