Thrifting Thursday - What I Scored

Leopard + Sequins = Fashion heaven for me.

Can I just say how AMAZING is that leopard sequin jacket!? I know it's hard to see, but I'll post an outfit post with it soon. I about peed my pants when I spotted it. It's vintage, no label. It's in perfect condition, doesn't look like it's been worn. SCORE of the day, maybe year for me, that's how much I LOVE it. The other dresses I also love so much and can't wait to share some outfit posts with them! The black quilted vintage Saks purse is fabulous as well, so happy to have found it, it's my new favorite bag. Thrifting is hit or miss, we all know this, but lately  I've been pretty lucky on my thrifting adventures(knock on wood). 

I love thrifting. It's been something I've been doing since I was a little girl when my Grandma and Mom would take me for a day of 'treasure hunting'. Since then, it's grown to be a favorite hobby of mine and I'm happier than a kid in a candy store when I'm digging through racks. Thrifting's something I'm passionate about because I believe in being mindful and resourceful, plus for me it helps refresh/challenge my creativity as to how I'm going to incorporate the new piece into my existing wardrobe.  FUN! Thrifting also saves my anorexic wallet some much needed weight. I'd love to know, are you a thrifter? Or is it just not your cup of tea?

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    1. Hi love, thank you and nice to meet you! xx

      Love your blog - the studded converse are fabulous and I love your leopard header! :)

  2. Absolutely Great.

  3. That jacket looks amazing!

  4. Great scores!!

  5. omg this jacket is amazing!! so jealous!! where do you go thrifting shopping? such a amazing pieces..

  6. Great photos, you look amazing! Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower. xoxo