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I was browsing yesterday not really expecting to find too much. I guess the photo collage above proves otherwise. After a few minutes of browsing I found the polka dot scarf, and I have a serious love for those round beauties so that went in the cart first. I found the camo jacket in their "Flash Deals" section but unfortunately they only had medium and large left, so I did something totally uncharacteristic of me,.... I bought the medium. I have a sewing machine and I feel like my stitching skills are fairly good enough to take it in and make it a size small. There's a story as to why I would do such a silly thing. Last spring Old Navy released a camo jacket very similar to one JCrew had. It was SO PERFECT and looked fabulous with everything. I was lucky enough to stumble on two in the clearance section of Old Navy so I scooped them up and brought them both to NYC with me shortly after. One I left in NYC with my bestie who lives there, the other came home with me, but SIGH, a few days after I was home I went to wear it and it was no where to be found. So SAD. I've scoured eBay, etsy, anywhere I could find a replacement since, with no luck, so when I saw this pretty little thing on sale I figured it's the next best thing, and sometimes we have to settle in life and make things work, right?

Whoa. That was quite the explanation. HA. Back to the clothes.

I've never owned a red blazer and have always wanted to, and this particular one has leopard print lining! Leopard print lining, so stoked!

The High/Low asymmetrical polka dot skirt I instantly fell in love with when I saw it! I can already think of a million ways to wear it!

Lastly I am crazy about chevron patterns, so mix that with semi-sheer, asymmetrical skirt, and dress and I'm SOLD! Isn't it so lovely? I think so. I'm also dreaming of all the ways I'm going to wear it!

The best part was the price. $116 for all of it! $116. That's a STEAL! I will just have to be mindful when I wash them as I want them to last a while.

So there's my New & Noteworthy haul from Forever 21! There's tons of other super cute stuff on their site right now, if you haven't visited lately, do it!

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  1. Wonderful purchases, I like them!!! This is such a nice post!
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  2. Hi Fabrizia! Thanks! I'd love follow each other, your blog is really lovely, as are you, you're gorgeous! xx Heather

  3. Your purchases are great, I prefer the dress and the polka dot skirt, so lovely ! You bought all precious things, well done!

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  4. I have that Old Navy jacket! Bought it for $8! It's my favorite jacket. Love it!

    1. That's what I paid for the two I bought! It was one of my favorites too, so incredibly bummed about it's disappearance. Glad you got one (especially for that price), still have it, and love it! xx

  5. I love all of those pieces!

    1. Jas,

      Thank you! Also, visited your blog - it's lovely, you're gorgeous(I'm envious of your pretty olive skin tone!), and your style - impeccable! Thanks for visiting my little piece of the fashion bloggers pie! xx