Red Jeans Plaid

Scarf (similar), Trench, Button Up Shirt(similar) Vintage Mulberry Bag, Jeans(similar), Shoes

BRRR. It's terribly cold and windy here - it's supposed to snow again I'm told. We'll see, it definitely feels like it could any minute! I had to rush out this early this morning so I threw on a cozy plaid button up I found at Target for $8 (score!) and my new trench. I love this trench! The fit is perfect and the contrast piping is fun! It's reminiscent of this trench from Kate Spade, which I love. I'm a HUGE Kate Spade fan. Huge.

On a random note, because I adore random:
I'm loving this dress, I can't stop singing and dancing around my house to this song(powerful), and can't wait until this hits newsstands!

Hope your Tuesday's playing nice!



  1. Nice look :)

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  2. love your outfit!

  3. love the plaid and red combination. the jacket is just awesome :)

  4. Your bag is fantastic--love your style!!

  5. Great look! I love that you made low cost items look very chic. You obviously have great style!

  6. Great outfit! Red jeans are the coolest. I must get myself a pair!

  7. I love this outfit! I really want red jeans right now!

    ♥ B
    With Love From Michigan

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