Pretty Pretty Princess

All necklaces from Charlotte Russe

Remember that game(Pretty Pretty Princess)? - I LOVED that game when I was little. Growing up, I was one of five girls so that game saw LOTS of play time in our house. We played until the rings got stuck on our fingers and we couldn't get them off without elbow grease and literal grease. Apparently, thirteen years old is too old to play that game. Luckily for us older-than-thirteen girls we get to play dress-up any ole time we want, mostly without fear of rings getting stuck and cutting off our circulation. Mostly.

Above are some new pretty necklaces I bought the other day. I went to a skills test/interview today so I didn't photograph my outfit as I looked like a penguin, and we all know what a penguin looks like, so I figured I'd share these instead, they're much prettier and fun!

I have a duplicate of the first necklace to giveaway soon(insert me cheering). Maybe you've noticed - I really love giveaways - I'm a huge fan of sharing and blessing other people, it's really what life's about. The sharing/blessing part, not the hosting giveaways part. =D

On that note, remember to enter the Sparkle Pave Stud Earring Giveaway(Ends March 9)!

Hope your day is lovely!



  1. They're all so nice! Great choices, loving your blog :)

  2. love these baubles! =)
    nancy @ adore to adorn

  3. I love sweater super girly necklaces with menswear or something grunge inspired :)