Weekend Reading, A Merry Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year from a fashion blogger

Another year has come and gone and 2015 is staring us in the face waiting with anticipation.

2014 for me has been full of stand-out moments, both good and not so good, but memorable none-the-less. It's been a year of growth and learning and I'm beyond excited to begin 2015!

I don't make new years resolutions I never really have. Instead I do my best to stay mindful of the present. To do my best everyday and take things one step at a time. I find that for me that's a less overwhelming and anxiety inducing approach to improvement and personal growth. Not to say making goals and new years resolutions is a bad thing, it works and is a positive thing for many people, it's just really not my thing :)


There are a few things that have been rattling around in my head recently that I'm hoping to do more of in 2015 so I'll share those. 

They include (in no particular order)

1  //  Wedding planning. Priority number one.

2  //  More handwritten correspondence.

3  //  Reading my magazines in ONE sitting then filing them away or giving them away. This is a silly one, but seriously you should see the PILE of magazines under my bed. It's embarrassingly big. I'm determined to not allow myself to be a magazine hoarder! :)

4  //  Reading one book before starting another. I'm bad at this and am sometimes reading multiple books at once, then it takes me forever to finish them. 
One. Book. At. A. Time.

5  //  Take more walks

6  // Travel. Travel. Travel

7  //  Spend more time with my kiddos in the kitchen teaching them to cook/bake

8  //  Blog a little more

9  //  Take more family photos

10  //  Schedule an annual day of volunteering with my family


In other news I received a super pretty sequin dress from eShakti that I'll be reviewing soon, I already love it!

And I hope to be blogging more with this beauty I received from my super thoughtful fiance (thank you babe!)

I hope you all had a super lovely holiday. What are your plans for the new year? Do you make resolutions?


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