KISS InstaWave Curling Wand Review

Styling my hair is a love hate relationship for me. A little about my hair - I have very thick long wavy hair and so it's time consuming to style it for the most part. I wash my hair twice a week and let it air dry. After I let it air dry I style it. And by "styling" I mean, leaving it how it dried, straightening it with my straightener, or curling it with my straightener.

When KISS offered my the opportunity to try their InstaWave curling wand I jumped at the chance since I have very limited experience curling my hair with anything other than my straightener.

Here's the InstaWave right out of the box -

It's different from other straighteners as it's an automatic curler. AKA you hold a piece of hair against it and push a button and PRESTO you have a pretty little curl :)

It instantly creates beautiful curls in seconds, and it's super easy to use at any angle and with either hand, left or right.

It features a high and low heat setting (low = beach waves, high = curls) and a curl dial with left/right curl directions to curl toward or away from your face. It has a max temp of 420 and will turn itself off after 90 minutes which is a great safety feature if you accidentally leave it on.

Here's a quick video of me using it so you can see it in action!


- Hold InstaWave vertically

- Place section of hair on the InstaWave curling rod

- Touch the Curl Dial either left or right, and the InstaWave instantly and automatically catches and curls the hair

- Hold for 5-10 seconds, hold longer for tighter curls and less for beachy waves

- Pull the InstaWave down vertically, letting hair out

**Tip: Switch between curling right and curling left to create the most natural looking curls

Here's a couple of shots of my hair in it's natural state - 



InstaWave can be purchased at 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kiss Products/Brand Backer. All opinions are my own and I would never endorse something I didn't completely love. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Kaizen Fashion Project going.

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