Happy New Years & Welcome 2014!

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Boy has 2013 been a whirlwind. Lots of learning, growth, progress and setbacks too. Life's good at doling out a good mix of all of them to keep things interesting don't you think? I thought a lot this  week about what I wanted to write as a closing post for this year and it was just SO much. So instead of rambling I've decided to share just the most important bits in list format, because let's get real, lists are streamlined and precise and make us feel organized; something I'm going to continue to work on in the coming year. So....here it goes;

1. Unplugging more
I love technology and blogging and social media just as much as the next person, but I'm finding that the more I'm plugged into my iPhone or on my laptop the less I'm actually living. Yep less living. Less spending time with the people I love, less reading all the books I bought (I have 10 I bought that I haven't even opened), less new adventures, I just feel like the more I'm plugged in the less I'm really plugged into real life.

2. Using my planner more
This goes hand-in-hand with continuing to be better at organization. I have a pretty little planner (here) that I've been using for months, but sometimes I forget to bring it to work or other places and things fall through the cracks and then I end up bothered. I do use my phone a lot too, but I'm a paper and pencil girl and I am more productive when I can visually see it written down. Use. Planner. More.

3. Cooking dinner more
I'm sort of indifferent to cooking. I don't love it, but I also don't not love it. It's just not high on things I like to do so I don't do it super often. I work full time and have two kiddos (9 & 12) so at the end of the day I just want to hop in a hot shower, through on my pjs and relax and spend time with them, not cook. Because of that we eat out, or order in, quite a bit. I grew up eating around a kitchen table with my family and I'd love my kiddos to have the same experience more often then they currently do. I want to use my crockpot more and involve them in helping in the kitchen.

4. Stop comparing myself to others
I think we've all read or heard it before; "Comparison is the thief of joy."
It's so true. SO TRUE. It's difficult to be content with what we have and who we are when we are constantly seeing others who have more than we do. It's easy to lose your joy while scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram and seeing all those beautifully styled photos; perfect rooms and houses, designer clothes, bags, shoes, perfect hairstyles, people vacationing all over the world and not feel a tinge of envy.  It's challenging to remind ourselves that what we have is beautiful and enough, but we must, and though comparison is the thief of joy, being grateful is the way to get that joy back. We are all valuable and super amazing in our own ways, and my life doesn't have to be picture perfect to be amazing and full and happy!
I'm determined to keep that mindset and I hope you will to!

5. Do more of what I love, more often
Pretty self explanatory.

Here's to a brand spanking new year! Here's to doing, growing, and living!

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