What I've been up to lately

This post is image heavy for two reasons:
1). I have to be to work in exactly 30 minutes
2) I'm still in my PJs and have to be to work in exactly 30 minutes.

To say I've been busy lately is an understatement. Major understatement. 
Working 40 hours a week, two kiddos (9 & 12), my son plays for a very competitive soccer league which keeps us traveling long distances all over the state for games, school, a household to stay on top of, pets, meetings 3-4 times a week, a love life, volunteering here and there, and attempting to maintain a blog, social media updates, etc. 
I'm just going to stop there. HA.
I'm busy. 
But I love the challenge of juggling what I love.


Most recently I've opened an etsy shop and have begun filling it with pretty bracelets I make.
Check it out - they make great gifts and I take custom orders - whatever you'd like them to say!

"Dream Bigger" bracelets

"Be the Change" bracelets

"Tribute" bracelets

Other bracelets in the shop

"Inspire" bracelet

"Ooh La La" bracelet

Now with the random, but still great stuff.

My recent haul from Target. Found these goodies in the dollar spot section. Run don't walk to your nearest Target to get some for yourself.

Wrapping paper from TJ Maxx. LOVE.

 My nightstand. Full of gold, sparkles, polka dots and sequins!

Happy beginning of the week! :)

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