Raspberry Prep

Blazer(similar), Cardigan(similar), Skirt, Wedge Rubber Boots(similar), Bag(same bag different color)

I was so glad to see the sun yesterday, even though it was short lived. Sunny isn't always the best condition to take outfit photos though. I find it washes photos out and makes it hard to see details. Overcast is ideal. But I have a life - a busy one, so I have to take photos when I can.

I love this high/low hem skirt! The raspberry color is so pretty! It will definitely be getting a lot of wear in my wardrobe this spring and summer. I'm thinking I'll wear it into fall too with some tights. Love versatile pieces. I'm getting pickier about what I add to my wardrobe. Versatility is virtually a REQUIREMENT for me now when I purchase new pieces. It saves money and makes the mixing/re-mixing process more creative and enjoyable. 

Happy Weekend! Enjoy enjoy enjoy! :)



  1. Another great look! That bag is TDF!!! LOVE IT!!

  2. love the skirt! it's gorgeous!


  3. Your skirt is so pretty, I love the hem and the gorgeous color! The way you wore it is great, I love the blazer. now following.

  4. you look great! this is a fab outfit! thank you for stopping by my blog. x

  5. Love that skirt! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment so I could find you! Love your blog! :)

  6. What a FUN, FUN outfit! The skirt is divine! :)
    Love, Leigh

  7. Nice post! Check my blog and follow me if you wanT!


  8. this outfit is so cute.. love how good it looks with those boots. would have never thought of it :)
    Loving your blog and def following on GFC and bloglovin.. Hope you can follow mine if you like it too :)

  9. Such amazing styling, I love how you paired the skirt with Hunter boots. I would never dare!

    Hope you're having a good week! :)