Coming Soon

The first second I laid eyes on DJ Global sequin dress I had to have it. Apparently, I wasn't the only girl thinnking that, because when I went to throw it in my cart I saw two words I often despise. SOLD OUT. Boo. What's a girl to do? I called them right away, chatted with the lovely Brittany, and was able to order it, although she said I would have to wait three weeks to get it. Wait? No problem. I'm cool with waiting when I'm waiting for something I really really want. Plus I love getting things in the mail. I talked with Brittany yesterday and she said my dress went out yesterday! Super excited! I also ordered some new rain boots since I'm obsessed with them. I've never owned a wedge pair before, but I've admired them for a while so I decided it was time to give in, and where I live rains a lot so I justified it. They will be here when the dress arrives so look for a post soon. I also have two bags courtesy of Mimi Boutique to show you that I just received so look for that too in the next couple of days.
Do you have 'coming soon' lovelies of your own? Do share! Also if you have a bag from Mimi Boutique I'd love to hear how you like yours!

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