Kick Up Your Heels - Or Brogues

Lately I've been on a brogues kick. Not sure why, maybe because they're bad ass, or maybe I just get obsessed with something pretty and must seek out the vast selection available as to not short-change myself. This morning I came across these beauties by Ralph Lauren Collection, but being the student I am, came up a little short(okay a lot short) on the $665 price tag.
Happily though I came across an almost identical pair by Steve Madden. Whoo hoo look alikes!

(Ralph Lauren Collection Cream/Black Brinkley $665)
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(Steve Madden Women's Tuxxedo $69.95)
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Just to get this out and make this clear right away I'm am adamantly opposed to 'knock-offs', ie. counterfeit goods masquerading as the original/real thing. But I'm not opposed to items that are made inspirationally from other items.
My take is that there are rarely new items produced that are indeed of a profound, new, and never been made before nature, that almost every fashion related item produced is indeed inspired by another(purposefully or not). This is a very subjective subject, as 'to each their own', as it should be, but buying straight up 'knock-offs' produced under horrible illegal conditions/practices is just WRONG - so please don't it.

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