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Monday, February 3, 2014


I'm so honored and flattered to have been nominated for a Liebster Award by the incredibly lovely and generous Mrs. Jaclyn Leblanc! A Liebster Award is an award given by a fellow blogger to a group of other bloggers who may have a smaller following but tons of potential for growth! Woo hoo! Thank you Jaclyn!

Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
Answer the 11 questions asked
Nominate 11 others bloggers with a smaller following but lots of potential 
Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer
Notify your nominees

The Liebster Award is a fun way to discover new bloggers and learn more about your favorites. Here's my answers!

1. What's your go-to outfit? Hands down a favorite pair of jeans, a simple tee, flats and a hat (baseball, cloche, I like to mix it up!)

2. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Night owl. I stay up blogging, watching old black & white films and/or reading almost every night. It probably doesn't help that I drink coffee and tea in the evening ;)

3. Who is your favorite designer/brand and why? This is a tough question! I'm going to settle with Michael Kors for the simple fact that he creates beautiful pieces that are polished, timeless, effortless, and iconic.

4. If you could live anywhere, where would you go? I love where I live now in the Pacific Northwest, I'm 5 minutes from a beach in every direction and it's very scenic, but the weather is suspect 8 months of the year, so I would'nt mind living in Hawaii or Mexico during the cold months here ;)

5. Heels or flats? I prefer flats because I can run around in them, and they don't hurt my feet like heels do after wearing them for a while. I like mid-height heels, but flats are my favorite.

6. What's your favorite hobby (besides blogging!)? Sleeping in.

7. What's your signature scent? Jessica Simpson's "Fancy Love". It smells AMAZING.  

8. How would you describe your personal style? This question always makes gets me flustered haha. I want give a simple answer but I feel like such a style chameleon it's difficult to! What I wear really reflects my mood. If I'm feeling laid back I wear jeans, and some flats or kicks and a tee. If I'm feeling girly and fancy I wear sequins and heels. It really hinges on my mood :)

9. Tell us the best restaurant you've ever been to! Nothing stands out specifically, although this little Mexican joint on the water in California had amazing food and service so I'm going to say there even though I don't remember the name, HA.

10. How long have you been blogging? Roughly 3 years.

11. What is the last concert you went to? A local concert by the water and it was super FUN!

A Darling Dream
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1.  Favorite nail polish color?
2.  Do you prefer a night in or out?
3. If you could be editor at any fashion magazine in the world which one would you choose?
4. Favorite film of last year?
5. Item in your closet you have on heavy rotation?
6. What's one worldwide cause you're most passionate about?
7. What were the last pair of shoes you bought?
8. If you could speak any language what would it be and why?
9. You're gifted a plane ticket on a flight that leaves tonight. Where will you go?
10. Coffe, tea, both?
11. Complete the sentence, "If I were given the choice to choose one piece of clothing, accessory, or pair of shoes without having to foot the bill I would choose _______"

So excited to read your answers!!

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