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Thursday, February 23, 2012

HelloCotton Nod

I want to introduce(for those of you who aren't familiar) and quickly mention the fabulous site HelloCotton! It allows bloggers to connect and glean inspiration in one place, from various topics which include, fashion, crafts, beauty, design and more. It's a real-time interface with a news feed and headlines that are perfect for connecting with other like-minded bloggers, and it's also a great tool for discovering new blogs. It's a cozy little fun community and if you haven't visited or joined I highly recommend it!

I also want to thank HelloCotton for featuring me on their homepage today and for their support and kind words! (Insert me smiling and waving)

Thank you kindly!



  1. Nice blog! =)

  2. Yay Hello Cotton! I need to figure out what it's all about, I signed up awhile ago but never really figured out how I was supposed to use it! Congrats on your great feature!

    Alexandra xo